Our Associates

Our Associates

While the work we do is more centered around culture and tailormade experiences, we have been working on a separate brand for adventure & wildlife – Indian Outskirts or fondly known as iO.

Indian Outskirts

Born out of INDEBO, iO showcases a different dimension to the region – adventure and wilderness. The Indian subcontinent is a destination with a limitless variety of terrains and species. A young and dynamic brand now, iO is now led a by a group of dynamic young individuals. Brought in from different backgrounds, this team is now bent on ensuring that what iO does is quite different from what you have already seen.

Restless at heart, the team at iO is always ready to pack and head for a new trek or to check a new cycling route, to accompany a group or to spot birds and wildlife. Being passionate travellers, we are always ready to share ideas on travel and to advise travellers.

Come, let us organize travel for you. You can contact us at mygrandadventure (at) indianoutskirts.com

Eyes on India

Over the years, NATJA award winning journalist Carole Herdegen has travelled through the length and breath of the country. She has seen the country transform. Both of them have, in a way, grown up together. Now based in Detroit, she travels frequently to the lesser known parts of the country and also keeps an eye out for what is happening in the country. Eyes on India is a blog of her experiences and her travels over the years.

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