The Charioteers

The Charioteers

“I am the wind among purifiers; I am Rama among warriors; and I am the alligator among fishes; among the rivers Ganges am I.”

Dan Singh

P1140565“Our whole family missed Dan Singh every time he left us at our destination hotel and we are always so relieved and happy to have him pick us up the next day! Mr Dan Singh is an incredible individual and is such a valuable staff at your company. He does not only provide exception service, is courteous and professional and friendly to all of us having a wonderful smile on his face all the time even though we feel his fatigue from the long drives , he insisted he wasn’t tired. Our kids enjoyed his company and we adults enjoyed his information he provides along the drives. He also washed his van everyday providing us with the best comfort along those long drives. All in all, we cant commend him enough, he made the trip so comforting.” – Conney Romundt, Canada

With an experience of over two decades, Dan Singh is a veteran in the ranks of IndeBo. He started his professional life as a typist, only to fall in love with the beauty of this land later, and taking up the life of a wanderer. When not driving he loves to walk- an activity he takes on with great zeal twice a day when he walks the 5km from his home to the IndeBo office and back. He is a great dancer too.

Narayan Singh

P1140553Narayan has an experience of 17 years in his pocket and has been working with us for an year now. He has always been charmed by “The land of Kings”, Rajasthan and has travelled there more than 20 times. If not travelling, we would have surely seen him advising people about cars. During his free time, he sings for his daughter, who aspires to be a doctor one day.

Praveen Kumar

P1140620Praveen is our very own Haile Gebrselassie – having the stamina of a marathon runner and the pace to match the same. This, and yoga, are his favourite hobbies. But even they take a back seat whenever he gets a chance to go to Udaipur- a city he has visited more than 20 times! Some of the other  places he does remember include Chennai & Nepal. If not IndeBo then he would have been in the armed forces.

Rahul Sharma

P1140561Rahul has been driving for 20 years and has been working with IndeBo for the last nine years. He has travelled around India and has been to the extremes including Rajasthan, Ladakh, Benaras, Madhya Pradesh and Himachal Pradesh. Rajasthan has always been his personal favourite. He is known as an excellent teller of stories and extraordinary experiences.

Rajkumar Sharma

P1140579Raj Kumar’s greatest trip was a 25 day journey over 2800 km from Delhi to Kanyakumari. Of course, this was much more luxurious than it sounds – our man having a penchant for cleanliness. Until about 4 years ago, he used to drive a coach. The smaller steering wheel now feels more like a toy. Unlike many others who accidentally stumbled into travel and then found it interesting, Rajkumar always knew his calling. Goa is next on his bucket-list.

Prakash Rana

P1140574Rana Ji, as we all like to call him, is the star of IndeBo; from travelling with Bill Clinton to showing around northern India to Cherie Blair, he has done it all. He joined us at the turn of the millennium, and has travelled extensively throughout the country- from the mountains to the sea, to the salt desert of Kutch. While his companion on this trip, do not forget to ask him about his early days in the valley and the recipe of ‘sarson da saag’- his favourite food.


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