The Dreamers

The Dreamers


The Genesis

Born out of a romance between a history teacher and her country, INDEBO is a labour of love.

Mrs. Malathi Ramaswamy and Col. N. Ramaswami gave of themselves tirelessly to produce a company that would set the highest standards in travel and tourism.

The Captain

Ravi Ramaswamy drives the vision of INDEBO. He brings with him academic discipline of the sciences and an appreciation of classical languages and aesthetics.

Ravi grew up in several parts of India, owing to his parents’ jobs, before finally being shipped to boarding school. He graduated from the National Defence Academy to join the Corps of Electrical and Mechanical Engineers of the Indian Army. The job involved postings in several parts of the country, often in border regions with difficult terrain, which led to a deeper understanding of landscapes and mobility. He fondly remembers his journey with his parents from Delhi to Jorhat and Miriani in 1967, all aboard a Fiat Milicento – a journey that rooted the love for travel in him. And there’s also that tiger he spotted in the wilds of Kaziranga!

After a Master’s and Doctoral degree from the University of Manchester, he left the army to work at IndeBo. Curious about what all could bring the world to India, he decided to weave travel itineraries through the country’s inherent contradictions and diversity. Stressing on the need for sustainability in society and not materialistic accumulation, he decided to take the idea of tourism to more than a just a select few. He emphasises on the need for a passion for our destinations and detailed information about the landscape of economies in which the business operates. His zeal for travel has ensured that some of the most sedentary guys at the office have started to travel and spend quality time at the destinations they otherwise handle for our clients.


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