who do we need

Who do we need ?


There is more to life than grades and work experience. Moreover, at Indebo, we like things to be simple. As a result, all we need… is for you to be interesting. By interesting we imply variety. So while none of us may have tried playing gilli danda or reading through the Yellow Pages, we would be very interested in knowing if you have done something like that.

We also need someone who stops complaining and starts doing. In our quest to deliver, we face many roadblocks. Sometimes passes are closed. Sometimes, cell phone communication is lost. Sometimes we run into bureaucratic paperwork. Sometimes printers don’t work and pens run out of ink. Moving ahead is the only solution. Complaining about it – at best – is a waste of time.

But most importantly, we need people who disagree with us. We need people who challenge the norm – who say “I have a better way of doing this.” and do it. It is difficult to raise questions in an organisation against superiors… more so if that organisation is a single ownership organisation. Work environment is easily equated to that in a Lala company. We “try” to be the exact opposite. We try because we are human and humans are prone to prejudices and assumptions. But the more we challenge ourselves, the easier it is for us to be the exact opposite.


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