Ziro is known as much for the beauty of the region as much for the people who stay there. The Apatanis belong to the Tibeto-Mongoloid stock and are well-built, fair in complexion and medium to tall in structure. The Apatani society is patriarchal. They are agriculturists and practice permanent cultivation. Most of the Apatanis are loyal followers of the Donyi Polo faith, who pray to an array of spirits and souls for blessing. Abo-Teni, the primal man, analogous to Adam in the Christian faith, is considered to be the sole ancestor of all Apatani and other Animist tribes in the surrounding regions.

The uniqueness of the Apatani tribe is tatooing on the women’s face and their nose plug. Apatani, like other tribes also believe in sun and the moon as god and have traditional altar in there home made up of Bamboo and Cane.