Sualkuchi is a bit of a find. Hidden away from the traversed highways, this sleepy little village is known for its Muga Silk which comes from a silkworm endemic to Assam. Although there is a main center where weaving is done, every home has a loom and in the afternoons, you would often find women working various patterns on the loom.


Sibsagar was the capital of the mighty Ahoms , who ruled Assam for more than six hundred years till the advent of the British .The town , dedicated to Lord Shiva — its name literally meaning “the ocean of Shiva” is strewn with tell-tale ruins of a powerful empire.The most remarkable landscape of the town is the 200 year old Sibsagar tank comprising 129 good acres.Although situated within the heart of the town , the water level of the tank is above the level of the town. On its banks are three temples- the Shivadol , the Vishnudol and the Devidol, all three built by queen Madambika , wife of Shiva Singha , in the year 1734.The Shivadol is believed to be the highest Shiva temple in India, Its height is 104 feet, at the base.


Majuli Island is one of the largest river islands in the world, though constantly changing and reduced to around 700 sq km. At times, during flooding of the Brahmaputra River, Majuli is reduced to a cluster of islands, some as small as a hut top. Roads keep shifting but villagers adapt to rerouting by building cost effective bamboo bridges. Majuli was cut off from the mainland to the south about 400 years ago. Majuli is also a birdwatcher’s paradise.


The most striking feature of Guwahati (also spelt Gauhati), the capital of Assam and gateway to the northeastern hill states, is the Brahmaputra, whose muddy swollen channel is so vast that the far shore is often invisible. Guwahati lies at the point where the wooded hills at the edge of the Shillong Plateau touch the southern banks of the river, with the flat alluvial plains of the Assam valley stretching away to the north. Of its many mysterious temples, Kamakhya and Navagraha overlook the river, while Umananda sits marooned on an island crag.