Sibsagar was the capital of the mighty Ahoms , who ruled Assam for more than six hundred years till the advent of the British .The town , dedicated to Lord Shiva — its name literally meaning “the ocean of Shiva” is strewn with tell-tale ruins of a powerful empire.The most remarkable landscape of the town is the 200 year old Sibsagar tank comprising 129 good acres.Although situated within the heart of the town , the water level of the tank is above the level of the town. On its banks are three temples- the Shivadol , the Vishnudol and the Devidol, all three built by queen Madambika , wife of Shiva Singha , in the year 1734.The Shivadol is believed to be the highest Shiva temple in India, Its height is 104 feet, at the base.