Surrounded by thick lush trees and bushes, the Reiek Hill stands high above Mizoram, overlooking the other popular destinations. If one’s lucky, apart from the breathtaking view of the surrounding valley and hills – a visit to Reiek might just give a glimpse of the magnificent plains of Bangladesh. What more, there exists this chance to go visit the one of its kind, traditional Mizo village that Reiek has to offer, with tiny traditional huts peppered around the place for different people – one can’t help but feel transported back into time.

The talking point each year is the Anthurium Festival. With an idea to promote Anthurium flower and the typically rich Mizo culture, this festival is a hit amongst tourists of all kinds. On display are the rich, rhythmic dances of Mizoram and a fun variety of games, not forgetting the popular fashion shows of course. Another fascinating aspect of this tourist spot is its wildlife. As after all, it is home to a wide variety of exotic birds, including the rare Peregrine falcon which one might see perched on a lofty ledge or swooping on cliff swallows. So, take out the cameras, take out the trekking gear – Reiek is the next best place to be!