Bhubaneshwar, which means “The Lord of the Universe”, is the modern capital of the State of Odisha. Once the capital of the Kalinga Empire, there are several sites in the vicinity which testifies the importance of the region far earlier than the 7th century when the Kalinga kings started their rule over this region and beyond.

Strewn with a multitude of temples of various sizes, the earliest temples built in Bhubaneswar are the Brahmeshwar and the Parasurameshwar temples of the 7th century. The latter is famous for its latticed windows. The Mukteswar built in the 10th century has exquisite toranas, the 11th Century temples of Rajarani Temple has fine and detailed carvings while the magnificent Linga Raja temple also of the 11th century (can be seen only from outside by non Hindus) is the finest representation of Kalinga art.

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