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Ideas and Inspirations



India is a destination that has inspired and intrigued many ever since Vasco Da Gama set foot on the western coast of India – and long before! It was perceived as the land of magic, snake charmers, gold-digging ants, people with big ears, wealthy temples and warriors. For some it is a land that has evoked a feeling of spirituality, love and romance , while for others it is just an end to their search for exotic. But, every single journey is inspired by tales and experiences of the past travellers or the ideas that has shaped it’s identity.

The journeys that we design are also inspired by our past travellers. These journeys then go on to shape future travel to this constantly changing country – quite like a Karmic cycle.

At IndeBo we try to weave the perfect trip for you. We want to know more about you – the traveller – your interests, your hobbies and then braid them together into a perfect garb. Our itineraries are designed around elements that bring you closer to the land, it’s people and the umpteen stories around them. It is much more than a place with elephants, Taj Mahal and Sitar. We take you to India beyond the travel brochures.

Come experience the extraordinary!