how to use this website

How to use this website


It is very easy to use this website. You just need to let the randomness out of you and go a bit berserk.

The map on the main page is to trigger the explorer in you. You can click on any state or on Nepal, Bhutan or Sri Lanka. A smaller map will then open up revealing the interesting cities or towns or villages.

You can click on any of them for more information.

You would then be taken to a dedicated page of that city or town or village.

Apart from a description of the place, you would also be able to see what the place is famous for – whether that be textiles, food, people or others. If you would further like to explore more places which are famous for the particular aspect (textiles, food, people or others), you can click on those links.

Apart from this, page of the place also has articles, images and videos that we have taken so that you get a first-hand view of the place.

At any point in time, you can stop to click on make-a-wish to inform us about where you wish to travel. We will then write to you with the itinerary or any information that we would further need.

We hope to bring you to India to enjoy the real magic.


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