deciphering bombay-I

deciphering bombay-I

A project jointly developed by the Gordon Institute of Business Studies, Pretoria and Sasol, part of this highly intensive program spanning 3 cities in Asia would take place in Mumbai.

The group of Executives studying Business Studies would understand the trick behind the efficient working of the financial capital of India although at the outset it would seem like chaos.

Although the program involves conference and closed-room discussions, the group would also need to see what CK Prahlad called the Bottom-of-the-Pyramid and how they emerge to be one of the biggest markets in India. The group would thus be visiting the slums to see how the structure is organised. They would also travel on the local trains to get a feel of the rush-hour sea of humanity. They would also dine at the choiciest local hotspots and would purposely be kept away from dining at 5-star hotels although they would be staying at one.

One of the highlights would also involve meeting Gary Kirsten, the South-African coach of the Indian National Cricket Team.


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