Celebrating the diversity of the Himalayas

your journey trough the great mountain kingdom


More than six centuries ago, a great Guru trekked through the Tibetan and Indian Himalayas. On his way, he set up 108 monasteries – centers of Buddhism to study and meditate in. Following the Rimpoche, these monasteries soon became famous as centers of learning and spreading of non-violence throughout the high Himalayas. Naropa is a festival that occurs once in 12 years – celebrating Buddha’s teachings at Hemis Tsechu. An immense Thangka is unrolled during this time.

The 100ft tall cloth depicts various aspects of Buddha’s life – and significant changes that occured to him. Set in the Himalayan paradise of Ladakh, Naropa is a must for this year. Write to us to know more about this festival and possibilities around it.