“Hi Tanuja, this is Shikha, Pakhi’s mom. Thank you for the wonderful trip that Pakhi says she had. I hope you will also send us a feedback about how Pakhi participated? I’d really appreciate that. Thank you once again for all the trouble you took. 🙂 Shikha”


“Good Morning, Anindya.

Thanks a lot for organizing a fabulous trip. Shaivi really enjoyed the whole trip and will be very glad to share the photographs and write about her experience too.

I am copying Shaivi and Sharmila in this mail.




“dear anindya da,
it was a great pleasure to read your mail that you sent to my mother, (was i suppose to read it? NO)
this trip was one of the best experiences i have had, as i learnt and saw so much. I met a lot of great people and made a few new friends. Honestly, i could write a book 🙂
the whole Indebo team was wonderful and i apologize if us kids caused any inconvenience 😀
i would really heartily want to thank Rana ji and Gajender ji for their great support and all the amazing cooks of your beautiful lodge.
If you do make an online digest, i would be more than happy to write on it 🙂
from the beginning till the end, it was a wonderful experience and i would give anything to go through it again. only, as i said. it should have been longer.
again, thanking you and your wonderful team for this great trip and learning opportunity,
and in hope for another upcoming trip with you guys
the mischievous kid,

PS here is the picture of the gharial, i really hope you guys can help him out.”