The team behind this project

The team behind this project

The team at Turtle Survival Alliance

shailendraDr. Shailendra (Shai) Singh earned his Masters and PhD on Gharial and Red-crowned Roof Turtle. Shai has been spearheading the TSA India Turtle Conservation Program since 2008 as its director, and has been instrumental in the implementation over 131 conservation, research and education projects across the country. He was the first Indian biologist to receive the Disney Conservation Hero Award in 2008. Shai is Steering Committee Member of IUCN Steering Committee on Tortoise and Freshwater Turtle Specialist Group and Crocodile Specialist Group.

2169ea8Disha Sharma joined TSA India as staff veterinarian in 2014 and is based at the Kukrail Gharial and Turtle Centre. Disha graduated from Bombay Veterinary College, Mumbai, in 2007 with a Bachelor of Veterinary Sciences and Animal Husbandry. She first worked as a small animal practitioner in Mumbai, then shifted to wildlife medicine and conservation. In 2012, she graduated with a Master of Sciences in Wild Animal Health from the Royal Veterinary College, University of London. Disha further honed her conservation skills as an intern with the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust in Jersey, U.K.

sauravSaurav Gawan is a Field Biologist with TSA, Chambal Turtle Conservation Project and his GIS expertise aids TSA in species conservation and management in the region. He also has been instrumental in expanding TSA’s participatory initiatives. He has a passion for the ecology of scantly known taxa such as turtles. He aspires to reconcile the need for conservation of threatened species and the needs of local communities, believing that unless there is participation by local people there can be no lasting conservation.

The team at IndeBo

A keen story teller of Indian Mythology, Swati Yadav, Manager of the Conference Team, pursued her graduation in Travel and Tourism and soon after made up her mind to devote her life in what she really loves – organising conferences. Of what we call a perfect blend of dynamism and vivaciousness, she has a say in everything, which almost throws light upon the fact – she loves to speak! Reading fictional books and travelling to unknown lands is where her interest lies. If not conferencing, we would have surely seen her seeking justice for people, as being a lawyer was her very first dream! She has been organising events for 10 years and has been with IndeBo for 3 years.


Tanuja Sah is best placed to design your adventures in Zanskar and Kerala since she has personally done them.Having lived in the mountains since birth, Tanuja Sah has a natural fascination for them. Hikes and drives have always fueled this passion. Before shifting to Indian Outskirts, she worked with the mother company, Indebo. Her experience at the company made her one of the experts of our sailing journeys on the Ganges.

After working for an year at Indebo, she shifted to Indian Outskirts and feels she is now doing everything she wanted to do in life. In a year, she was part of a team that organised 4×4 self drives to Ladakh, completed a lesser known route around the Kanchenjunga base camp and cycled around the center of Kerala.

While not designing delectable journeys, Tanuja loves to feed on videos of some of the greatest adventures taken. Her other passion is driving and whenever there iis a 4×4 around, she loves to grab the keys and the steering wheel. Tanuja is trained in First Aid & CPR and has completed her Basic Mountaineering Course from the Nehru Institute of Mountaineering. She has been in tourism for 9 years and with IndeBo for the last 4 years.


rohan1A graduate in English Literature, Rohan Rakesh, Assistant Manager – Conference and Business Acquisition, loves to explore the most far-flung corners of India. He holds a vast experience in marketing and sales from the MBA degree that he holds, but his interests of globe trotting made him introduced to weave wonderful experiences and go on voyage across the Indian subcontinent. When he is not working, you can find him playing video games or table tennis. He has been working with IndeBo for 3 years now.


Currently, our Marketing Manager, Anindya Biswas graduated with a degree in electrical engineering from R.V. College of Engineering before taking up a Post Graduate Diploma in Management at the Indian Institute of Management, Indore. Unlike many others in the office, Anindya had no plans of getting into the travel industry. It was a lucky placement call from Indebo that got him hooked to travelling. He has travelled to different parts of the world with a range of ideas on what more could be offered to travellers in South Asia. While he’s busy doing that, he also takes time out to cook some of the most amazing dishes and read Pablo Neruda. His most memorable trip was to Spain last year and he’s looking to return to Bilbao soon. He has been working with IndeBo for 6 years now.

The team at Chambal Safari Lodge


In 1999 Rai Saheb Suraj Pal Singh’s great grandson, birding enthusiast and conservationist Ram Pratap Singh, gave the Mela Kothi a new lease of life when he and his wife Anu decided to turn their inheritance into an eco-lodge. After decades of neglect, the Mela Kothi was meticulously restored and rechristened the Chambal Safari Lodge. Set within 35 sprawling acres of the original heritage plantation surrounded by the family’s farmland, the Lodge is an oasis of peace, tranquillity and gracious hospitality. Ram Pratap and Anu provide a warm welcoming environment with their young son Sumer officiating as ‘chief naturalist-in-charge’! Ram Pratap is a former engineer from IIT Roorkee and Anu is an environmental scientist from London University.