The gods were generous when they gave Sarahan its setting. Located halfway up a high mountain side, the road to Sarahan winds past flowering jacaranda trees that give way to stately pines. Dozens of small streams rush past with waters of sparkling snow-melt. The fields and orchards that surround the small villages with their slate-roofed houses, compose pictures of pastoral perfection. Above Sarahan, a mane of deodar trees rides the slopes and higher still, encircling the Bashal Peak, are trees of smooth birch and a variety of wild flowers and rare medicinal herbs. This sparsely populated tract is steeped in ancient legends and here is the famous Bhimakali temple – regarded as one of the fifty-one sacred ‘Shaktipeeths’. The temple’s unusual architecture and wealth of carvings have made it a resplendent example of what is loosely called the ‘Indo-Tibetan Style’. Deep down in the valley, flows the river Sutlej and across lies the snowclad Shrikhand peak.

Sarahan is the base for numerous treks and is the gateway to Kinnaur. It is a place of pilgrimage, a haven for nature lovers and the temple complex attracts a variety of admirers. Here is a place that offers an out of the ordinary travel experience.