Srinagar is placed perfectly in the center of the Kashmir Valley is aptly called as the Venice of the Himalayas. Founded around 150 AD by King Pravarasen II, Srinagar is placed on the banks of the river Jhelum. Srinagar is a unique city with beautiful lakes like Dal, Nagin and Anchar. Vividly beautiful multi-colored houseboats swinging in the Dal Lake and amazing Himalaya’s snow covered mountains makes Srinagar a special attraction which no tourist can miss.

Winter fashion in India

January is still the time of comfort foods and cosy blankets. Though winters in the plains or near the coast of India are equivalent to spring or summer in some countries, the mountains are the real deal. In some of the lesser known places in the Himalayas or the foothills, temperatures drop to -20 degrees centigrade and winterwear becomes and essential part of daily fashion. India being innovative, we had just decided to wrap cool light blankets around us and call them shawls. Moreover, India being diverse, the shawls in different parts of the country are also different.

The phiran is an example of an elaborate and unique form of craftsmanship. Made from wool and often complemented by Pashmina or Shahtush shawls in the Kashmir valley as well as Jammu, the Phiran is worn by both men and women. Different specificities in designs and embroidery methods often distinguish the craftsmanship of one amongst the others. The production of phirans has increased in recent times and older weavers have considerably expanded their reach of customers. Export trade has managed to make this loose but extremely warm piece of winter wear quite popular in many parts of the world.

The Naga Shawl is one singular piece of woollen wear that manages to stand out while keeping you as warm as possible. Thickly knitted with wool and often dyed in red, black or a mix of both, the naga shawl is convenient and hence, extremely popular. It is found in both niche markets and popular ones depending on where you are but each single Naga shawl delivers on its promise against the cold breeze that threatens to find its way through the pores of your sweaters.

The woollen Nehru Jacket, made most popular by the first Prime Minister of India, Jawaharlal Nehru, is an elegant and useful coat that can easily blend into the aesthetic of any kurta-lover. The Nehru jacket highlights the breadth of the shoulders and provides just enough warmth for the mild winter days. Complemented with a shawl, the Nehru coat can significantly enhance the appearance of matching collar shirts as well as longer kurtas. Read more…

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    • “We were a group of 8 travellers from South Africa who undertook a great trip to Ladakh and from Leh across to Srinigar via Temisgam and Kargil. Although this area is a sensitive part and one is very aware of the military around we felt extremely safe and secure. We stayed 3 nights on the houseboats in Kashmir and what a fantastic experience it was.

      We felt very safe at all times and being in the wonderful area with magnificent lakes and gardens we were able to relax completely – in fact we did not want to go home.

      Next time I will definitely stay longer.”

      – Hans Van Heukelum, South Africa

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