The land of Amritsar collars memoirs of British imperialism, bright colours at fairs and festivals, mouthwatering food and largehearted people. Seeking solace at the famous Golden Temple situated at the heart of the city, walk through the bylanes of Amritsar, and unravel the mesmerizing heritage of havelis, and frescoes at mandirs or temples, and hatties.

Being the center of pilgrimage, Amritsar is flocked by pilgrims throughout the year to seek blessings at the Golden Temple or Sri Harmandir Sahib gurdwara (religious shrine of Sikhs). The city takes pride in the Golden Temple and believes in the spirit of brotherhood and humanity.

The history of Golden Temple surrounds the mystic powers at amrit sarovar, meaning pool of nectar. It is believed that the amrit sarovar has miraculous healing powers and by taking dip in this amrit sarovar, you can purify your soul and cure varied ailments. The Sikh gurus Amar Das and Ram Das had first established the citadel of Amritsar in 1574 around the amrit sarovar, and later built the gurdwara in 1577, at the center of amrit sarovar.

“The life at Amritsar revolves around spiritualism, markets, food and endless conversations.”

When you are at Amritsar, start your day by visiting gurdwara early in the morning and feel the energy level being alleviated by the welcoming melodious voice of Granthi (ceremonial reader of the Sri Guru Granth Sahib), and open your life to spiritual upliftment as he reads texts from Guru Granth Sahib Ji (object of devotion) and sings gurbani (hymns).

The life at Amritsar revolves around spiritualism, markets, food and endless conversations. Wandering around the Golden Temple, and making your way to the marketplace, you can walk around the heritage sites at Jallianwala Bagh and kataras (by lanes) at old Amritsar city.

The marketplace is filled with bright colours of luxurious carpets, pashmina shawls and the handicrafts and apparels with phulkari work. Phulkari is a popular Punjabi art which entails intricate flower embroidery. While you tour the marketplace, indulge in delectable paranthas, jalebi, samosas and chai and some intriguing conversations. Come and feel pampered with the hospitality of Amritsaris.