Dungarpur, the “City of Hills” was founded in the 13th century and rose to fame under the Guhilot Ahara Suryavanshi Rajputs, who draw their ancestry from the lineage of the Sisodias of Mewar.

Dungarpur is a picturesque town set amongst the rugged peaks of the Aravalli Mountains.

The Old Palace or Juna Mahal (as it is locally known) is no longer occupied. It is still owned by the descendants of the earlier kings and can be visited only by invitation. Almost as old as the town itself, the construction of the palace was started in the turbulent 13th century amongst the superb natural defenses of a rocky peak 1500 ft above sea level. This seven-storied structure resembles a fortress with crenellated walls, turrets and narrow entrances and passageways to slow down the enemy. Inside, you would see colorful and vibrant palaces embellished with frescoes, miniature paintings, glass and mirror inlay work.