Rishikesh, at an altitude of 365 metres, is on the right bank of the Ganga. It has an environment of peace and tranquillity interrupted only by the gurgling waters of the Ganga as it spreads out. It is a place of ashram (hermitages) where solace seekers from all over the world come to spend their time in serenity and calm.

Triveni Ghat which is an interesting place to visit at dawn, when people make offerings of milk to the river and feed the surprisingly large fish. The Shivanada Ashram which is an important centre where discourses in English and Hindu religious texts are to be heard. The suspension bridge, Lakshman Jhula which was built in 1929 to replace a rope bridge. This is where Rama’s brother Lakshmana is said to have crossed the river on a jute rope and the old Lakshman Temple is on the west bank.

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