Kozhikode, is a city in the state of Kerala in southern India on the Malabar Coast. During classical antiquity and the Middle Ages, Kozhikode was dubbed the “City of Spices” for its role as the major trading point of eastern spices. It was the capital of an independent kingdom ruled by the Samoothiris in Middle Ages and later of the erstwhile Malabar district under British rule. Muslim Arab merchants traded with the region as early as 7th century, and Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama landed at Kozhikode in 1498. A Portuguese factory and fort was intact in Kozhikode for short period, the English landed in 1615, followed by the French (1698) and the Dutch (1752). In 1765, Mysore captured Kozhikode as part of its occupation of Malabar Coast. Recently, Kozhikode earned the tag of “City of Sculptures” because of the various architectural sculptures located in various parts of the city. Kozhikode, once a famous cotton-weaving center, gave name to the Calico cloth.