Once a princely state, the area of Pudukkottai is of absorbing interest to historians, anthropologists, archaeologists and lovers of art. The numerous dolmens, stone circles and other forms of megalithic burials in the district indicate the antiquity of this region dating back to pre-historic and protohistorical times.This tract is mentioned in the Sangam classics.The archaeological and cultural remains at Kodumbalur, Narthamalai, Kudumianmalai, Kunnandarkoil, Sittannavasal, Thirumayam and Avudaiyarkoil are proof of its rich cultural heritage. The origin of Pudukkottai as a Princely state in the 17th Century A.D. is only one colourful aspect of the past of the region. The rulers of Pudukkottai have built several beautiful places and also constructed tanks canals and palaces.