The oft-discussed antiquity and beauty of Bhutan is just the backdrop against which we focus our journeys – the inner complexitites and local interactions form the basis of the itineraries we finally put together. You will be able to find the flavours and the textures of the Himalayan country through every day on your travels with us.

Bhutan’s rivers, its fortress-monasteries and its archery has found many lovers across the world. We present Bhutan to you with all that and much more. For starters, cuisine lovers can get to opt for a special meal in a village farmhouse near Paro made of locally produced vegetables, cooked using some of Bhutan’s oldest home recipes. There’s also that exciting trail that the Bhutanese love a lot – scouting for honey. You can opt to take the trail, scouting for honey and collecting some for yourself as a memorable souvenir.

We do not tie you down to a fixed itinerary. And yet, we add something special on each itinerary. For Bhutan, there’s no end to all that can be discovered. Here’s one such option – take some time off to learn about Tibetan medicine using medicinal herbs and their unique knowledge of anatomy which might just work for some of your own little ailments. We also arrange exclusive trips around different Dzongs in Bhutan and in case you love the sense and feel of these historic buildings, then we’ll even arrange an exclusive dinner in one such old fort near Paro.

Yes, it’s all possible! Because we do it all the time!


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