West Bengal

West Bengal


If you seek to experience rich heritage, carefully woven on a colourful tapestry, look no further than the Land of the Indian Renaissance, Bengal.

Adorned by the magnificent Ganges and its many tributaries, Bengal lies in the eastern part of India and boasts of a history that includes the first arrival of the British, in the form of traders. And all throughout, it has always attracted many, from far and from near. Its sights and sounds are compelling enough to stop and stare. Be it the hand pulled rickshaws or the Howrah Bridge, the vast expanses of tea gardens in the North or the antiquity of the tram in south, Tagore’s paradise or the ever famous sweet yogurt – Bengal offers them to you on a platter.

We at INDEBO, promise you the true spirit and energy of Bengal in all our trips which are no less memorable than the last one.

It’s only with us that you can stay in the tea gardens of Darjeeling and wake to up to the sight of hundreds of women, delicately handpicking the world’s finest tea leaves. And that’s not it; you also get to be a part of the famous spring festival or Poush Mela at Rabindranath’s abode of learning, ‘Shantiniketan’. An event that witnesses bards from all over the country congregating to celebrate the harvest season; you will be enthralled by the music, fireworks and festivities galore – all of it aimed at promotion of folk culture.

“Because around Kolkata, are those famous old sweet shops – mishti doi, sandesh and roshogollas will surely make you keep coming back for more.”

If you want to dig into 124 exotic variations of the people’s favourite fruit, a visit to the famous Mango orchards of Murshidabad is a must must. You will come across hybrid mangoes bred under the patronage of the Nawabs there. Speaking of Nawabs, Murshidabad’s historical significance is paramount because of a certain Battle of Plassey that took place there in 1757 that led to the defeat of the last Nawab of Bengal, Siraj-ud-Doula at the hands of Robert Clive. The vanquish that marked the birth of British colonialism, is still fresh in the air.

You can take a boat ride, down the Ganges from North Bengal or even sit by its riverside and enjoy a quiet dinner in the city of Kolkata. Not far from there, is the city’s wholesale flower market. People throng there to lay hands on their favourite flowers – some to be offered during prayers to Gods, while others to be used for wedding decorations and festivals. And we promise you this sweet-scented and colourful sojourn where you discover that even Gods and Goddesses have their own favourites. Besides all of that, there are visits to be made to those historic universities and trust us when we say that hunger during this trip is not a concern. Because around Kolkata, are those famous old sweet shops – mishti doi, sandesh and roshogollas will surely make you keep coming back for more.