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Nepal’s etymology was born out of a couple of compelling theories. And one which is fascinating is the story of a prehistoric Hindu sage named, Ne who performed religious ceremonies at Teku and looked after the country. So, soon came into existence a pala (protected place) by Ne, called Nepal.

A predominantly Hindu country, Nepal had been ruled by the Shah dynasty since 1768 when the then king, Prithvi Narayan Shah unified the smaller kingdoms. And today, no less proud of being one of the youngest democracies in the world (having denounced monarchy in 2008) – Nepal, quite interestingly is the only country in the world which has a non-quadrilateral flag.

What strikes at first about Nepal is the awe that the mountain peaks can generate and truly so, where in the world would you get the Everest, Kanchenjunga, Lhotse and the Dhaulagiri in its mighty grandeur, all at the same place? And as you move along towards the Eastern side of the country, you’ll realize that Nepal isn’t just about mountains, it is as much about the beauty of hills, rivers and wetlands as it is about the alpine pastures.

Nepal is endowed with rich and varied biodiversity, the mountainous country in fact, shelters some of the world’s most rare animals. Found in Nepal’s dense Terai jungles, the Asiatic Elephant, the one-horned Rhino and the Bengal Tiger are some animals for which carrying a camera could be worthwhile.

Although the momo is quintessentially a Nepalese snack, famous all over the world in its variant forms; in no way will the authentic Nepali taste found in Newari and Thakai cuisines be a letdown. A traditional Nepali meal would consist of rice, lentil soup, curried vegetables accompanied by pickle. Even though curried meat is real popular, it is saved for the more special occasions. Raksi, is the traditional distilled alcoholic beverage in Nepal. Made from millet, it is often served in a bhatti glass.  And during particular occasions, the drink is poured from a great height via a pitcher with a small spout, making it an entertaining spectacle.

We at INDEBO offer you a unique Nepal experience. It is only with us that you can be a part of a dream flight around the Everest, aboard the Pilatus Porter followed by a champagne breakfast nearby. And if that is not enough, dinner at quaint places, a tiger safari at Chitwan and lunch with the tribes of Tharu village, all await you in a country which made Bob Seger sing, ‘K-k-k-k-Kathmandu, I think that’s where I am going to…’

It’s all possible, and it can be done only by Indebo.

Come, Experience the Extraordinary.


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