To listen to glorious tales of the past, one needn’t look beyond the land of the desert and forts. And as those magnificent structures tower over you in their majestic grandeur, Rajasthan opens itself up to embrace every traveler with its vibrant colors, warmth and diversity.

Comprising of the inhospitable Thar Desert and cradled by India’s oldest mountain range, the Aravalli – there’s simply so much to offer. You can go on a desert safari atop a camel, or visit the countless forts and dive into the history of wars & conquests of the great Rajputs. To satiate the thirst for wildlife, Rajasthan offers you the chance to make a trip to its famous wildlife parks – be it the Great Indian Bustard at Jaisalmer or a tiger at Sariska, there’ll be plenty of chances to keep the camera rolling.

“Meet the Bishnoi community and learn how Mother Nature can be loved, nurtured and preserved even in times of concrete structures. ”

The art forms, dance and music of Rajasthan have evolved over the years under the patronage of the royal court and today they murmur stories of heroic deeds and love. Be it the folk songs, or the internationally acclaimed, Kalbeliya and Ghoomar dance forms, they are bound to leave you spellbound. Try the colorful block-prints, take back the best of Sanganer print work and Zari embroidery or fill your suitcases with wooden handicrafts, carpets and pottery – there’s so much to buy and so little time.

Influenced by the war-like lifestyles and the availability of ingredients, Rajasthani cuisine simply packs a punch. Food that can be eaten over several days without heating are preferred and snacks like the bhujia, mirchi bada and pyaaj kachori are vegetarian delights. While for the meat lovers, there is the quintessential and the royal, Laal Maans (red-meat) cooked in a rich spicy gravy and tender to the core, it’s sure to tingle your taste buds.

When in Rajasthan, find time to visit the old temples and havelis, not forgetting, the famous Jantar Mantar. Dilwara Temples of Mount Abu, Jain Temples of Chittor and the Ranakpur Temple at Pali too, make for a fascinating visit. Meet the Bishnoi community and learn how Mother Nature can be loved, nurtured and preserved even in times of concrete structures or witness an oasis in the middle of a desert, at Osian, a town which is often compared to Khajuraho for its wonderful array of old temples.

Rajasthan tells us the story of a land of kings, of warriors, chivalry, romance and glory but most importantly, of tragedy. Preserved by the sands of time and untouched by nature, this glorious state of Northern India offers every traveler, an experience that is simply impossible to resist.