Southern India

Southern India


Travelling in Southern India is like studying aromas and colours – everything from the coffee beans to the spices, floor art and flowers call out for attention. Its heritage sites and unique cultural forms are a delight for any curious traveller – temples in Mahabalipuram, the city of Hampi and the famous boat races in Kerala. We present these and other unique sights of Southern India that will leave you awed. Take your own time to make your itinerary here – because every single moment is worth it.

We can offer you the unique opportunities to see and discover the hidden pleasures of Southern India. If your taste buds enjoy Malabari cuisine, then we’ll arrange a special culinary workshop for you in Cochin where you can experiment with the vast range of spices that’s on offer. If you enjoyed the boat races in Kerala, then we’ll give you your own chance at several sports such including boating in the backwaters of what they call God’s Own Country.

Does your morning feel bland without some strong aromatic coffee? We’ll take you on a trip around coffee plantations and show you all about sourcing the beans in Coorg. And if there’s something you find missing in all of that, then you wouldn’t want to let go of an opportunity to bathe elephants in Kerala – it’s a unique way to get to know an equally unique animal.

It’s all possible. Because we do it all the time!




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