Karnataka is known for its large, majestic landscapes and rich architectural wealth . It is also known for the breathtaking views of Chikmagalur and the picturesque Coorg. The Western Ghats, lovely waterfalls, cacophony of migratory birds at Ranganathittu, call of the wild at Bandipur and Nagarhole, and the mild aroma of teak, ebony and rosewood in the forests all are quite attractive.

“If there ever was a state more steeped in sculpture and art, it would be Karnataka.”

If there ever was a state more steeped in sculpture and art, it would be Karnataka. The penchant for good sculpture permeates through the holy places of Karnata. The Sri Gomateshwara statue in Shravanabelagola stands out as once. The magnificent Southern temples in Hampi and Halebid provide further testament to this. Hampi – the erstwhile capital of the Vijayanagar empire – is strewn with over 500 monuments amongst boulders and hills. Even though, they are ruins now, they’re still a sight to behold.

This penchant for good craftsmanship permeates into the everything – from Sarees to toys. The Mysore silks are as famous as the Channapatna toys. Sandalwood, of course, is omnipresent and a whiff is enough to buy off the entire shop.

It is this spirit that you can sip as well. The coffee in Coorg will help you do exactly that. Both Robusta and Arabica are grown here. As you reflect upon the tropical rainforests of the Western Ghats with a hot cup of filter coffee, you will notice a faint flavour of the red earth.

A visit to Karnataka can make you interact with the Ancient age of our culture, making us venture into the architectural richness. Exploring the Cuisines and Coffee is no less an experience you will remember. The experience this journey provides is simply impossible to resist. This delightful experience will make you visit the State soon to experience the journey all over again.