Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka


We have recently travelled extensively in Sri Lanka and there is a lot of fresh perspective that our journeys can provide. The island, often famously called the Teardrop in the Indian Ocean, provides some excellent opportunities to learn about marine life while travelling along its coast. We provide the opportunity to go diving and whale-watching near shipwrecks at Dondra Point off the souhtern coast of the island. It is an exhilarating experience that has given us many satisfied guests.

We do not tie you down to a fixed itinerary. And yet, we add something special on each itinerary. For Sri Lanka, cuisine is one of our special value-added advantages – we’ll give you special cooking classes to learn how to cook the Lamprai besides even arranging a special dinner at the old Dutch hospital, steeped in history and famous for its chefs. There are many other famous delicacies on the island but the one we’ve picked out for you is the famous Yoghurt with honey and vanilla – a singular recipe from Kandy, where you can laze and indulge your taste buds.

When we travelled in Sri Lanka, apart from the cuisine, what we enjoyed the most was the music and the dance and that’s why you can even choose to enjoy a tradition Sinhala dance performance put together by students and teachers of one of the most famous dance schools in the country.

Yes, it’s all possible! Because we do it all the time!


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