Western India

Western India


The sea makes its overwhelming presence felt when you travel in Western India. Centuries of trade over the seas have affected a lot of what people indulge in – cuisine, games, dance forms and music. From cotton trade to diamond businesses, such forms of circulation have shaped the lives of many in these parts of South Asia. There’s a whole host of stories that you can experience when you travel with us – our travel ideas stretch from the cities to the hills and carry with them an indepth knowledge of the region.

The Western boundaries of India stretch from the Rann of Kutch in Gujarat down till the beautiful beaches of Goa, lined by the grand Western Ghat mountain range. Take a day or more, with us, to work with block print and tie-and-dye artists in Gujarat if you love textiles and art. And if it is the hills that suit your tastes, then we’ll arrange bicycle trips down the Western Ghat hills.

We do not tie you down to a fixed itinerary. And yet, we add something special on each itinerary. The city of Mumbai is one such place which regales as much as it surprises. Its famous Dhobi Ghat is where you can have a go at some unique ways of washing clothes with the washermen there. Another trip to the Dharavi will show you how the working classes in the city have taken to different ways of challenging their social locations.

From wine-tasting in Nashik to working with the famous Dabbawallahs in Mumbai, it’s all possible! Because we do it all the time!




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