The Journey

Delhi – Agra – Ranthambhore – Jaipur


Trip Highlights

– Witness the impeccable architecture of the Taj Mahal, resplendent in immaculate marble and built with remarkable symmetry

– Explore the eclectic history of Delhi, within the old and new reaches of the city

– Experience the ghost city of Fatehpur Sikri where the sandstone structures date back to the 16th century

– Venture through Ranthambore National Park in search of the elusive Royal Bengal Tiger Panthera tigris tigris

– Discover the grandeur of Jaipur, the Pink City, whose historic architecture is as magnificent as the city’s colorful streets

Trip at glance

(Day 1): Your Plane Departs for Delhi, India

(Day 2): Welcome to Delhi, the Capital City of India

(Day 3): Tour through the Remarkable Mixture of History and Culture of Delhi

(Day 4): Make your Way to Agra, via the Train to Experience the Lovely Architecture

(Day 5): Transfer to Ranthambore National Park with a Stop in Fatepur Sikri

(Day 6): Explore Ranthambore National Park and the 8th Century Ganesh Temple

(Day 7): Spend the Morning on a Game Drive before Coming to Jaipur

(Day 8): Find yourself in Jaipur on a Full Day Tour of the Pink City

(Day 9): Explore Jaipur and the Cultural Lives of Nearby Villagers

(Day 10): Return to Delhi to Make your Return Flight Home