Nagaur Fair

Nagaur Fair


In the midst of the Great Indian Thar Desert, the Nagaur fair provides an endearing view at the start of every year. The enduring trail of the fair creates a streak of zeal and zest amongst all the people who gather together at this unique celebration. The beauty and enchanting charisma of the entire place is certainly the distinguishing factor of this fair and claims to be an integral part of its culture. The Nagauri bulls , the long lashed camels, cows & the stately and handsome horses are traded here, out of which the nagauri camels are the most famous and preferred! They are taken special care of and are highly priced. Just to see the sheer number of cattle assembled in one place is a mind-boggling experience!

In Mythology:

Nagaur has a deep rooted history behind it, engraved on the pillars of the Great Mahabharata (one of the two major Sanskrit epics of ancient India). It is also the birthplace of Mira Bai, the 15th century princess, whose devotional poems to Krishna are legendary. She was a true devotee of Lord Krishna and spent all her life reciting his name.

From the Fair:

An out of the ordinary feature is the ‘mirchi bazaar’ (chillie pepper market). It is unique to the Nagaur Fair, as it is here that you find the famously blazing Mathania chillies on display – the hottest souvenir one can take back home. This is the biggest spice market in India and the dry red chillies sold here are famous for their colour and flavour. The ‘mirchi bazaar’ also sees a large number of buyers from all across the world. Along with this, for the best momento shopping, don’t miss to visit the “Camel charisma”, where you will find camel dung paper & notebooks, camel wool shawls and other products, made by the people of the Raika and Rabari tribes. You will find an excellent opportunity to enjoy the diversity of enthralling activities of the fair – the spirited participation of the villagers, the local games and tricks & even at times the snake charmers add a different flavour to the festival.

What makes the fair more appealing are the dusky Rajasthani women, stunning in their long flowing skirts and vibrant beads, and men, donning colourful turbans, long moustaches and gold.

Among all that festivity and enthusiasm that makes the festival ever so enchanting and magical, almost 70,000 cattle exchange hands.

While the sun sets, spirits soar and the stage is readied to enthrall the crowd once again- folk singers and dancers come into the picture as they start performing on Rajasthani folk music. You find yourself becoming involved in the numerous activities like the tug-of-war, camel races, bull races, cock fights, juggles, puppet shows, storytelling and many exciting campfire evenings. The evening provides you an opportunity to understand the rural life and participate in various activities.

Just when you think you’ve had the best of what the fair had to offer, we whisk you away to that special place for a perfect view of Nagaur- a shutterbug’s delight! Before the caravan moves on, and colourful attires, the decked up bull, the livestock and the vibrant turbans have blinded you we save you a last ride on the ship of the desert and walk you into the horizon before the second largest cattle fair draws to its end.


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