Himalayan Buddhism

Himalayan buddhism


Himalayan Buddhism has grown and developed in significantly separate trajectories when compared to its Sri Lankan and South East Asian counterparts. This theme focuses on the the composite and the diverse within Himalayan Buddhism itself – from the dry valley of Spiti all the way till Bhutan.

The influence of Tibetan Buddhism in Spiti which is evident in the Kye and Tabo monasteries is just one aspect of the complex life of Buddhism here. Things change significantly in terms of rituals and belief-systems of different sects as one travels eastward through Ladakh to Sikkim. Our trail allows you the unique opportunity to see the different ways in which the Buddhist faith has acclimatised to life in these different regions. From the influence of Tantricism in Sikkim to the tensions within Mahayana philosophy at the Tawang Gompa, there is a lot on the plate here. Additionally, you also get the opportunity to see the depth to which Buddhist philosophies have penetrated Bhutanese society and continues to exist and define itself against the mythologies of pre-Buddhist deities, both natural and spiritual.

The stories around the growth of Himalayan Buddhism can teach us singular things about the interconnections between nature, geography, faith, everyday human life and the essence of philosophy. This is a journey like no other.


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