The way of the buddha

The way of the buddha


This trail leads us on the path the Buddha took according to mainstream Buddhist thought in India. Since according to the some scriptures, Gautama was born in Lumbini’s gardens, we take you to Nepal and then to Gaya where he is said to have found enlightenment. The important mores of the Buddha’s work, such as his concept of the sangham [a collaborative communal unit of people, or ganasangham] as opposed to Vaishnav hierarchies, will be part of the insights that this journey can offer.


Philosophical insights of the Buddha’s thought regarding states of mind such as greed or ignorance are all things that can be explored throughout the journey. Dharma and the idea of Nirvana are other such ideas that can be explored. We also offer the option of travelling along the routes taken up by Ashoka’s children, especially to Sri Lanka where the Temple of the Tooth is said to hold the tooth of the Buddha as a final relic before his MahaParinirvana.

For all those who love the insights of Buddhist thought as well as those interested in an illuminating history, this journey can provide some excellent food for thought.


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