Tailormade Journeys

Indebo’s main focus is and has always been on Customised Travel. From our inception, we have not operated package tours. We feel that package tours do not capture the essence of India. We want to show you the India we love and respect, but also the India that you want to see.

Our itineraries are designed by you. We provide you with technical knowledge. Of course, once the itinerary is decided, we take every possible measure to ensure that all the aspects of the trip are planned to the best detail and your holiday works for you exactly the way you planned it.

Customised Travel is the only way to see India. Should you wish to see the Taj Mahal and then explore the Rann of Kutch to see some wild ass, chinkaras and black bucks, or visit the Amer Fort and then proceed to the Temples of Khajuraho, we can make it possible. We do not tie you down to a fixed itinerary. Would you like to visit the Periyar National Park before or after spending some time with the indigenous tribes in Orrisa? How about visiting the Royal Bengal Tiger in the Sunderbans Delta mangroves before going to the 7th century temples in Hampi and Badami. Maybe you would like to see master weavers in Patan after having been to Leh and Ladakh to experience Tibetan Buddhism.

Theme Journeys

The physical and cultural contrast of the cities best signify the fascinating mystique of INDIA – that which excites the imagination of the visitor like no other country does. On the visible level are thousands of historical monuments, fortresses, tombs, temples and edifices that take a person to the lost but unforgotten years. On the invisible level is the sheer magic of India – the splendid contrasts of her diverse religions, cuisines, languages and the terrain.

Theme journeys are woven with care, planning and extraordinary experiences into an intricately patterned fabric that keeps you engaged at all times.

Our themes can be centred around places, cultures, religions, crafts, textiles, wildlife, cuisines and a host of other traits that can be found throughout India, albeit in different forms.

Some themes around which we have created experiences are Rivers, Tribes, Wildlife, Religions, Architecture and Festivals.


For thousands of years, India has occupied a special place in the European consciousness. A rich cultural mass, populated by a fifth of the world’s people is a vital and exciting country, waiting to be discovered.

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