Best Of India

your journey of a lifetime through north India


your journey on the map A: Delhi, B: Agra, C: Ranthambhore, D:Jaipur

Explore the endless wonders of India on this custom tailored India trip that will take you to colorful cities with opulent history, magnificent wildlife and exceptional culture. Whether witnessing the stunning pink sandstone walls of the City Palace in Jaipur or adventuring in search of majestic tigers within the lush forest of Ranthambore, you will experience the greatest journey through India. From the immaculate marble of the Taj Mahal to an ancient fortress in Ranthambhore overrun with jungle.

The culture of India is more than just the colorful clothing and eclectic cuisine; it reaches back into the country’s history, shaping the cities and landscape around it. Updated for 2016-2017, on this 10-day trip through India you will discover the best of architecture and wildlife as you explore the fabulous riches of glowing cities, whether Jaipur’s pink sandstone or Agra’s marbled Taj Mahal. Search for tigers and stand in an ancient ghost city. Soon you will understand the present by experiencing the best of the past.

Your trip begins when your flight lifts off the ground and takes you to a far off place that will feel like a different world. When you land in Delhi you are ready to experience the city and the culture. You will be taken to your hotel and can’t help but notice the burst of color and life along the city streets. The following day you will venture through the city on a guided tour, visiting the classic sites, from Humayun’s Tomb to the Red Fort, where the old walls meet the modern people.

A train ride will take you to Agra where you will find the opulence of the Taj Mahal standing tall over the banks of the Yamuna River. The Agra Fort and tomb of Itmad-ud-Daula represent more of the illustrious architecture that has brought celebration to the city’s history. The next day you will visit the ghost city of Fatehpur Sikri. The 16th century sandstone buildings continue to stand as a once grand, but short-lived, capital of the Mughal Empire. In Ranthambore you will scour the vast jungle, from the high reaches of the Ranthambore Fortress to the low-lying valley, for coveted Indian tigers with over a full day to enjoy the luscious greenery.

In the evening you will arrive in Alwar. Using Alwar as your base you will journey to Jaipur to find the vast splendor of the Pink City, from the Amer Fort to the City Palace, and all the majesty in between. Spend a day traversing the beauty of Alwar. You find lingering pieces of the city’s colorful bazaars and charming streets encased within the museum. Return to Delhi in the mid afternoon where you will be taken to the airport to catch your departing flight home.

See the wonders of India and know that you are seeing the best.