In the lap of the Girnar mountain, which is believed to be older than Himalayas, a beautiful town is set called Junagadh. The literal translation of the name Junagadh means “Old Fort”. It is also famous as “Sorath”, named after the earlier princely condition of Junagadh.

The town has a rich history as different dynasties ruled it during though time. The place bore witness to the Mauray dynasty, the Chalukya dynasty, and the Mughals, to name a few. A remarkable fort, Uperkot, situated on a highland in the center of the town, was initially built during Chandragupta reign. The castle remained in exercise until 6th century, while it was covered for more than 300 years. The castle was overwhelmed 16 times more in a period of 800 years. One fruitless blockade lasted twelve years.