In the Peninsular Saurashtra region of the Gujarat State, there exists a colossus of 863 Jain shrines atop 1,977 ft. Shentrunjaya hills. A Jain aspires to visit these hills at least once in his life-time. Shentrunjaya is said to be a veritable city of temples of exquisite beauty of architectural wonder of the world near to the Taj Mahal in grandeur. Glistening in the sun-light, these temples look like a carefully arranged group of ivory miniatures. Spanning 900 years, some of theses marble and stone shrines belong to the 11th century. Palitana, is 56 kmsd from Bhavnagar. The river Shetrunji flowing to the south of the hill, adds to the scenic charm of the place. The river looks like a silver ribbon when seen from the top of hill. The approach to these temples is by means of a flight of steps which takes about an hour and a half to climb and about an hour to descend.